Incorporated Season 1Edit

Season 1 of Incorporated premiered on November 30, 2016 on Syfy. It consists of 10 episodes.



More powerful than governments and high above the law, corporations have shaped a world where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and human life is just the cost of doing business. To survive here, you have to be on the inside. And from the inside, one man with a secret past could bring the whole system down.



Title Written By Directed By Original Airdate Production Code
Vertical Mobility Alex Pastor & David Pastor Alex Pastor & David Pastor November 30, 2016 101
In 2074, where corporations govern all, one man must risk exposing his true identity to find his lost love.
Downsizing Ted Humphrey & Molly Nussbaum Alex Pastor & David Pastor December 7, 2016 102
Incorporated hero Factoids 102 03
In the future, refugee camps are even harsher environments, cage fighting has gotten more vicious, and you don't ever, ever want to be sent to The Quiet Room.
Human Resources Alex Pastor & David Pastor Alex Pastor & David Pastor December 14, 2016 103
Incorporated human resources
Corporate espionage, 2074 style: Ben must pull off a con that cheats death itself.
Cost Containment David Grossman Chris Downey December 21, 2016 104
Incorporated recap cost containment
New threats and genetically engineered babies could cripple Ben's plan just as completion is in sight.
Profit and Loss Daniel Stamm Mike Batistick, Joshua Hale Fialkov & Aiyana White December 28, 2016 105
Incorporated recap profit and loss
As the cruelty of 2074 life crystallizes, secrets are exposed and new threats emerge ... and not everyone survives.
Sweating the Assets Nick Gomez Allison Moore January 4, 2017 106
Incorporated recap sweating
Kidnapping, extortion, drugs, covert operations, dismemberment. This is your 2066 life, Laura Larson.
Executables Alex Pastor, David Pastor Darnell Martin January 11, 2017 107
In 2074, stealing corporate secrets can cost lives and may expose Ben's past. Plus: Laura goes rogue.
Operational Realignment Alex Pastor, David Pastor Christoph Schrewe January 18, 2017 108
To protect his secret, Ben may have to sacrifice his life. Plus: Has Laura made a deal with the 2074 devil? Until then, catch up on the latest episodes.
Burning Platform Alex Pastor, David Pastor David Frazee January 25, 2017 109
Incorporated recap 109
While Ben investigates a murder he committed, 2074 business tactics lead Elizabeth to do the unthinkable.
Golden Parachute Alex Pastor, David Pastor Kelly Makin January 25, 2017 110
Betrayals, secrets, murder and a surprise plot twist, 2074-style, converge as Ben's plan reaches its end.