Madetek Gestators
Madretek Gestators is a SPIGA Biotech subsidiary that genetically engineered babies for SPIGA employees. When the company approves a couple's permit they go Madretek Gestators to plan out to plan out the pregnancy and have the woman's IUD removed. The Couple has the option to customize the baby choosing their Gender and features creating a perfect assortment of genes. Since SPIGA Demands their company's peak performance at all time They arrange for a surrogate known as a "Gestator" to carry the baby. All of Madretek's Gestators are young women that are between the ages of 13 and 25. Gestators are fully vaccinated, STI free, and have undergone full psych eval. While carrying the baby the Gestator lives with the couple and eats a scientifically formulated diet to nurture the child. If a couple wants to have a baby the old-fashioned way SPIGA insists on a full DNA check of both parents via this thumbprint scan. If any "defects" are discovered, there's no insurance or coverage for the potentially deformed kid.