Ben Larson, formerly Aaron Sloane is a character from Incorporated, played by the actor Sean Teale.


Ben has the best job, the prettiest wife, the nicest house, the best self-driving car…the best of everything. A rising star in the firmament of Spiga Biotech, one of the most powerful and influential corporations in the world in 2074, Ben is a driven man in a dog-eat-dog world whose ambition masks a secret motive: Ben is actually a child of the poverty-stricken Red Zones, where the love of his life, Elena, sold herself into servitude to the corporation to pay off her family's debts. Determined to find her and rescue her, he invented a new identity for himself and infiltrated the cutthroat world of the corporations – the one way he could find her and get her back. But as he gets closer to his goal, the secrets keep mounting – and the danger keeps escalating…